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Weekly REQUIRements

*SUBJECT TO CHANGE* Required classes for ages 5-7 consist of 2 weekly Stretching classes, 2 weekly Strengthening classes,
1 weekly Ballet class and our "Tiny Skills" class. Our Tiny Acro class is HIGHLY recommended for our tiny competition students to improve flexibility, strength and balance.

*SUBJECT TO CHANGE* Company Members ages 8 & up are required to take the full Monday night and Wednesday night schedules on a weekly basis. These nights consist of Ballet, Skills, Flexibility, Conditioning and Improv - all of which are required classes for Company Members.

All Company Members are required to attend a minimum of 4 regional dance competitions and 1 national dance competition over the course of the dance season. 


Our annual Company Boot Camp is required for all dancers planning to compete under Tenth Talent for the upcoming season. This 5 day camp heavily focuses on all styles of dance as well as strength, flexibility and improv. Every student is REQUIRED to purchase the list of equipment that is sent via email post-tryouts to use at Boot Camp and throughout the rest of the season. The final day of boot camp will be reserved for our official Company Kickoff Party & Dance Reveals on Friday, August 18!


company boot camp (ages 5-18)

4:00pm - 8:30PM

$95 per dancer for ages 5-7 (4pm-6:45pm)
$125 per dancer for ages 8 & up

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