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Current Student Company Interest Meeting - Tuesday, May 25 at 7pm

First Company Interest Meeting - Saturday, July 10 at 11am

Tiny Company Tryouts (Ages 5-7) - Saturday, July 17 at 12pm

Company Tryouts (Ages 8-18) - Sunday, July 18 at 12pm

*NEW* Artistry Alliance Tryouts - Sunday, July 18 at 4pm

Second Company Interest Meeting - Tuesday, August 3 at 6pm

Tiny Company Make-up Tryouts - Wednesday, August 4 at 2pm

Company Make-up Tryouts - Wednesday, August 4 at 4pm

Artistry Alliance Make-up Tryouts - Wednesday, August 4 at 6pm

All Tryouts are $30 per dancer

All dancers looking to compete must participate in tryouts, dancers will find out within 2-3 days if they made the team and will have the next 7 days to pay for the required Company Boot Camp. There is no guarantee that all dancers will make the team.


Previous season Company Members are also required to tryout, a large part of making the team again as a past Company Member will be based on your attendance, work ethic and participation from the prior season.


Our annual Company Boot Camp is required for all dancers planning to compete under Tenth Talent for the upcoming season. This 5 day camp*** (see below) heavily focuses on all styles of dance as well as strength, flexibility and improv. Every student is REQUIRED to purchase ankle weights and stretch bands to use at Boot Camp and throughout the season. The final day of boot camp will be reserved for Company Headshots and our official Competition Kickoff Party!



$125 per dancer

*** = 5 day boot camp for ages 8 & up;

dancers ages 5-7 will attend Tiny Boot Camp 

tiny boot camp (Ages 5-7)

August 9 - 13 from 10:45am-1pm

$95 per dancer


*SUBJECT TO CHANGE* Required classes for ages 5-7 consist of one weekly stretching class, one weekly strengthening class, one weekly tiny ballet/tap class and our tiny skills class. Our tiny acro class is HIGHLY recommended for our tiny competition students to improve flexibility, strength and balance.

*SUBJECT TO CHANGE* Company Members ages 8 & up are required to take either 9 classes per week, or 2 full nights of classes (Full night = being present for 2 and 3/4 hours minimum). 4 classes must be stretching and conditioning based and 4 must be technique and/or skills based. Our Improvisation class is required as well. Our Combo class which focuses on Jazz, Contemporary and Hip-Hop (see Class Descriptions) is HIGHLY recommended for competition students to improve memorization skills and versatility.

All Company Members are required to attend at least 1 dance convention, 4 regional dance competitions and 1 national dance competition over the course of the dance season. 


Tenth Talent's "Artistry Alliance" is an additional opportunity for Company Members who can commit to traveling to a minimum of 3 convention/competitions each season to represent our studio in both the convention AND competition. These dancers will compete as soloists and in a group dance exclusive to only these students, some may also be selected to be in a duo/trio. Here at Tenth Talent, our end goal is to make a name for ourselves and our students in the dance industry in a more elite and advanced atmosphere, and a huge step in doing so is by attending these events and learning from world-renowned faculty and putting ourselves out there in both a local and national setting. All pieces created for the Artistry Alliance will also be performed at full-studio competitions during the 2021-2022 season. Company Members who wish to take advantage of this opportunity will first be placed in all of their full-studio routines and anything for AA will be an additional responsibility, some weekend practices may apply.

Tenth Talent's Artistry Alliance is an awesome experience for any and all serious dancers looking to branch out and push themselves in both a performance and class setting. We hope to one day have our entire Company attend these huge events as a team and this is our way of taking our very first step in that direction! We are so excited to see the things our first ever Artistry Alliance members accomplish in the coming season!