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Acro -

Acro is a class that progresses from forward rolls and cartwheels to advanced tumbling, including aerial work. Students will also be working on various chin stands and elbow stands to improve balance. Teachers work with each student on their individual level. 

Ballet -

Ballet is the foundation of all dance forms. Tenth Talent is committed to providing ballet training to all students. From beginner to advanced, all students are trained with proper technique. Ballet improves a dancer’s strength, balance, control and flexibility, while simultaneously increasing the student’s focus, discipline and grace. Ballet is mandatory for all competition students. Dancers are required to wear a leotard with tights and ballet slippers with hair in a TIGHT bun.

Cheer (Tiny) -

Geared towards children ages 2-7. Students build strength, flexibility, coordination and large motor skills. Students will be taught tumbling basics such as forward rolls, handstands, cartwheels and beginner stunts! Each student will be encouraged to safely advance at his or her own pace. Students are required to wear tennis shoes.

Combo -

Combo is one of the most important classes for a serious dancer. Each week every student will learn a brand new short routine (on average 45 seconds to 1 minute long) in one of the 3 styles: Jazz, Contemporary or Hip-Hop (We alternate genres each week). This weekly learning experience not only strengthens memory and is GREAT for improving memorization skills, but it also makes sure that your child is versatile and able to excel in all 3 styles of dance. This class is highly recommended for our competition students to improve performance at conventions.

Conditioning -

This class focuses on building strength and executing proper workouts for your dancer's body. Dancers use light weights as they advance in this class. Students will be asked to purchase a pair of ankle weights. Conditioning is required for competition students.

Contemporary -

This genre enhances storytelling through movement, improvisation and understanding expression through music. This class also leads the dancer to a more intricate level of technique while working to develop more refined lines, body placement and quality of movement. 

Hip-Hop -

Hip Hop encompasses movement that has elements of popping, locking and breaking, as well as freestyle movement, to give students the opportunity to develop their own sense of style. These classes improve musicality, rhythm and style and also boost confidence levels. Students will dance to fun and upbeat, but appropriate, music.

Beginner Improv -

(See below for Improv description) Intro to Improv is the introductory of our full length Improv class. This class goes over all the elements that can make this style of dance challenging for dancers in the beginning and gets them comfortable moving on their own without being given choreography. These classes are AMAZING for giving dancers the opportunity to express themselves as an artist and develop their own personal style.

Improv -

Improv is your body's natural reaction to music. This class gives dancers the chance to find themselves in their dancing and figure out who they are apart from being taught a piece. Each week we work on new improv exercises to challenge these young dancers to explore their movement even more. Each dancer will have a notebook assigned to them and every few weeks we will take time out of class to do mindfulness exercises to help with clearing the mind and making room for new ideas. 

Jazz -

Jazz class includes progressions across the floor and dance combinations to upbeat music. Dancers are taught to execute movements with correct technique and exciting performance quality, and are encouraged to develop their own unique style. As with all dance styles, dancers can expect to learn both the classical jazz steps of Broadway and the modernized combination of street-jazz and jazz-funk.

Skills -

Skills class focuses on across the floor combinations and progressions, pirouettes, leaps, flexibility and strength. Skills class is offered to all dancers who want to advance their training and is required for competition students.

Stretching -

Stretching is provided for dancers who are looking to improve flexibility. Dancers perform full body stretches in this class, especially focusing on the legs and back. Stretching/Conditioning is required for competition students.

Student Choreography is a class focusing on giving every student the opportunity to create work of their own. Each week we will do new and fun exercises to give each dancer the chance to teach and create.  A Student Choreographed piece from this class will be featured at every Spring Showcase. Dancers of ALL LEVELS are welcome; we encourage those who have never had the opportunity to choreograph to take this class to experiment and challenge themselves!

Choreography -

Tap -

Tap class encourages expression through sound. Each class concentrates on teaching proper technique, musicality and performance quality. Tap dance increases students’ musical awareness and sense of rhythm.

Turns & Leaps -

 Each week we focus on the basics of turning, progressing into more difficult turn combinations based on each dancer's level. We also work on flexibility and height in leaps and teach new and exciting skills for each student.

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